15 Minute HIIT Treadmill

15 minute Hiit treadmill

This week has been pretty busy so far! I am still going strong with the daily green smoothie! Today is a Mango Margarita flavor which I will post in the next couple of days. An awesome healthy tropical drink on this hot and humid June day was just the pick me up I needed!

My workouts this week so far have been tapering off and today was a slower day with a 30 minute walk and a full body workout. I am doing a 5k on Saturday with my sister so I want my body to be ready for that. Tomorrow I’m planning on some yoga and more walking. Here is what the week shaped up to look like and what I have planned to finish off the week as far as workouts go!

  • Monday: 3 mile run, full body strength
  • Tuesday: Interval Pyramid Run
  • Wednesday: 3 mile run
  • Thursday: 30 minute walk, full body strength
  • Friday: 30 minute walk, Yoga
  • Saturday: 5k Race!
  • Sunday: Yoga

Since I didn’t do much for my workout today to share with you I wanted to go back in time a bit to share this treadmill one with you all! I love it and it might be an oldie but it is one of my favorites still!

This was one of the first treadmill workouts that I created for my facebook page! I did it when I first got my treadmill for my home gym. Adjust the speeds that work for you but this is a walk/run HIIT interval type workout so really push yourself on the running sprints and take the wonderful recovery of the walking and  enjoy them!

15 minute Hiit treadmill




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Suprise party and Full body workout

full body thumbnail

Yesterday started off with another humid and sweaty 3 mile run. I was pretty excited because I hit 100 miles so far this year today! My original goal was to do at least 200 miles this year to beat my previous best year in 2011 of 200 miles but if I keep up the pace that I’m doing now I will probably up my goal to 250 or 300. Hopefully I can avoid any more injuries like I was plagued with at the beginning of the year which is why I’m just now hitting the 100 mile mark! But it was a good accomplishment today!!

After my run I did the same full body workout that I did on Monday and that felt great! My favorite piece of equipment that I have at home is my T-grip barbell and I used it for a couple of different exercises in this workout! Check it out!

Full Body Workout 1

Another green smoothie was in the books for lunch yesterday! Mango Margarita!! Gotta love those flavors and nutrients without all the calories and sugar that a real deal mango margarita gives you!


Last night for dinner we went to a local pizza place, Ziggy’s, for a surprise birthday for a friend. I absolutely love the pizza at this place and we will definitely be going back!


Have a great rest of the day everyone!


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Heating Up


Well I have officially had to give up my Saturday afternoon runs… 🙁 They have been a staple for me this spring but as the temperatures start to rise here in Kansas they just aren’t a good idea any more. My Saturday routine for the last couple of months has been to go into the hospital at 6 am, work 8 hours and then go for a run around 3:00 for my long run.





I loved this time because the weather was gorgeous and the sunshine was a wonderful change from my early morning runs (plus I was getting a tan!) Last week and this week it has just been too hot. The high yesterday was 95 and I’m pretty sure the humidity was up in the 60% range. To put it nicely my run was less than stellar! I got 3 miles in until I had to slow down to  a walk for the final one. Oh well you win some and you lose some!



For dinner on Saturday John and I grilled up some homemade hamburgers and I made stuffed mushrooms! They turned out so good! We used our Traeger to add a little smoke flavor to the stuffed mushrooms and grilled yellow baby squash. I will post the recipe that I used for the mushrooms soon! The only thing I would change about them was the fact that they needed a little “bite” to them. They were mainly just cream cheese, bacon and some shredded cheese. I think some breadcrumbs or something are in order for them! I plan on playing with the recipe over the next week or so!!



Active rest day!! I love my Sunday afternoons after I work a shift at the hospital. It is yoga day for me. I normally do some yoga throughout the week especially after I run (because I’m tight tight tight and I need to practice what I preach to my patients!). Sunday yoga is different for me though. Other than a walk on the treadmill or outside, yoga is the main workout for the day so I spend a lot of time on it! My yoga routine of choice today?

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Yoga with Adriene over on youtube but she is amazing! I love all of her videos and they really have been a lifesaver for me for my tight muscles!!

For dinner tonight I am planning on trying out a new recipe! I’ll give it a try and share it soon!


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