Take a Break! Why You Need A Rest Day

Take a Break!

I completely fell off the face of the earth I know! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The reason I have been MIA is for Thanksgiving week I was in Mexico with my family….my entire family, all 30 of us! It is a tradition we do every other year and it is a blast! With just coming off of the ultimate rest day (s) for me (actually I kept up my workout routine). However, this break just reminded me how important rest days are and why you need a rest day each week!

What is a Rest Day?

A rest day IS NOT a day of doing nothing. 

Even if you are scheduled for a rest day still do something active for your body. Go for a walk or do some yoga. Keep your body moving and flexible on your rest day. 

Technically speaking, a rest day is replacing your normal exercise routine of choice with a less intense form of activity. 


Why you need a Rest Day.

1. Prevents Injury

Rest days will help prevent overuse which is a leading cause of injury for most adults. 

2. You won’t lose ground

Just because you are taking a day off of your main activity whether it be running, lifting, or any other higher intensity activity doesn’t mean you are going to lose everything you have gained. It takes 2 weeks of no activity to start having a decrease in function. 

3. Your muscles need to rest

During rest periods is the time that muscles, tendons, and ligaments heal and rebuild. During exercise tissue breaks down and then rebuilds during rest. 

4. Immune Boost

When we are constantly working out and breaking down our muscles, tendons, and ligaments through exercise our immune system is in overdrive and activated to patch things up. If we don’t take a day off to let things rest here and there the immune system can’t catch up and that can lead to our bodies getting sick and catching something. This will definitely put you back when a rest day will help you gait ground and keep you going!

5. Have more fun

We all need a break from the thought of a grueling workout. I find myself psychologically refreshed from my rest day and ready to hit my next intense workout with more enthusiasm. Give your brain a rest day too to just do something fun and relaxing with your body! My favorite? YOGA! I love Yoga with Adrienne for a variety of free workouts!