Thrive Review

Over the past week I have been doing the Simple Green Smoothies Thrive 7 day Detox and here is my review! 


Overall I think it was a great program. The recipes were good and filling but I do admit that I missed my  meat!!! That’s right this is a meat free program. I can definitely feel a difference though now that it is all said and done. I lost some weight, yes it is just water weight, but my stomach feels better. My cravings are down and I learned to control my cravings more. With this meal plan even though I was craving bread and meat like crazy in the beginning I  learned to deal with them and eat to fuel my body. I’m also off of caffeine now and diet soda. I plan on going back to my coffee because I love it but using decaf instead. It is a very slippery slope for me with my caffeine habits!  

Some Insights over the days… 

The recipes were great on day 1. I really liked the smoothie and the salad for dinner. The salad was different and not something I would normally venture towards but I wasn’t gagging the whole way through and just trying to get through it. I did actually enjoy it. However, it isn’t necessarily something that I would crave or just randomly think “I want that strawberry spinach salad that I had on Thrive”.

The main thing that I’m struggling with are the am and pm tonics. They are just horrible and I’m not having much luck stomaching them. But that is a minor detail!

By the end of the day I didn’t feel hungry at all. The big thing I noticed was that I had a bit of a headache most of the day but this was probably due to no caffeine at all!

The smoothie for breakfast/lunch wasn’t bad on day 2. Not my favorite though. I think if I liked cherry smoothies more I would have loved it but as it is it was just so-so for me. The snacks were filling and so was dinner! I tried something new again tonight for dinner that I didn’t think I would like! Double bonus!

I loved the smoothie for day 3. It had ginger in it and I have always been a little hesitant to add stuff like this into my drinks but I’m hooked on this one! I think the ginger really brought out the flavors of the fruit!

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