Tips to Stay on Track Over the Weekend

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I don’t know about you all but the weekends are always the hardest for me. I do great during the week and then weekends come around and unexpected plans happen, multiple get-togethers, and all other sorts of being busy happen. There are tons of tips to stay on track over the weekend out there and I have compiled my favorite tips that I live by (or try to, we are all human). 

1. Stick to your workouts

The first thing that I do is I get my workouts in. That usually consists of a long run on Saturday and Yoga on Sunday with some walking. Keeping up with my workouts helps keep me moving and burning calories while also reminding me about my health and fitness goals.

2. Catch up on Sleep

The work week can get hectic and with busy schedules comes decreasing amount of sleep we get each night. While you can’t truly “catch up” on sleep you can get a couple of good restful nights in to help you recharge!

3. Cheat meal not cheat days

This one is definitely a challenge for me. As I said before our weekends fill up with obligations and social events and eating out which means that single planned Saturday evening dinner out cheat meal becomes lunch with the girls on Saturday too and then family meal on Sunday. The list just keeps piling on! Decide which event you want to be your cheat meal and stick to that. Then the other ones make it a point to make your healthy choices even if it isn’t your favorite item etc to get at that one place. Moderation is key!!

4. Eat before

This is one of those party and holiday tips you see everywhere. When going out or going to a party with lots of snacks eat a healthy meal prior to the event so you aren’t starving when you get there.

5. Water

Get your water intake in. During the week at work I’m really good about getting my water intake in because I carry my bottle around with me. During the weekend I tend to let this slide because I am out of my routine of work and don’t keep my water bottle with me like I should. This keeps you hydrated and prevents the mindless snacking and munching!

Tips to a Healthy Weekend

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