Treadmill Pyramid

30 minute treadmill pyramid

So far this week hasn’t been the best of weeks for me in terms of my fitness. After the holiday weekend and getting back into the groove of things I just wasn’t feeling it. I’ve gone through my workouts but they have definitely been lacking any enthusiasm. Oh well, sometimes you just have those weeks. I’ll recharge a little this weekend and start next week fresh with a good attitude! Time to get training for the half marathon this fall! I think on Monday I will start the week with this Pyramid Treadmill workout that I made to kick the week off!

Pyramid workouts

The basic premise of a pyramid workout is to start small and end big. For cardio and this treadmill workout it is starting at a slower pace for a longer interval and ending with a fast pace for a short interval. The benefit of doing this is to change up the speed and duration of your workout. It is a form of interval training. Interval training has been around for a long time and is coming more and more popular in the weight loss scene. Our bodies adapt. They adapt to doing the same thing over and over. This treadmill pyramid and other interval workouts help to keep the body guessing and keep the engine burning!

30 minute treadmill pyramid

The great thing about this workout is that you can pick how long of a workout you do. 15, 30, or 45 minutes. Short on time or a beginner? Go through just once. More advanced runners do it 3x for a longer workout! Remember the speeds on there are what I do and are just a suggestion. Adjust the speeds based on your fitness level and abilities!



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