Upper Body Blast Workout

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Recently I have been focusing a lot on full body workouts and doing them less frequently. There for a while I was running and strength training most days of the week and I got a little worn out from that routine. This week however I decided to change it up a bit and do an upper/lower body split plan. At the end is a great upper body blast workout that I did this week and really enjoyed!

Upper/lower split

So, what is an upper and lower split?  Basically this means that 2 days this week (Monday and Thursday) I am doing an upper body strength workout along with my running and 2 days (Tuesday and Friday) I am doing a lower body workout with my usual runs.

What are the benefits of an upper/lower split? I like them because you can really focus and work on complete fatigue of your muscles with compared to a full body workout. To get the same amount of fatigue and gains with a full body workout as you get in a single upper body or lower body session you would have to do a lot longer of a workout. I try to keep my workouts as short as possible because let’s face it, I have other things to do.

Another benefit? One more day you can strength train.


As usual my equipment for this workout consist of dumbbells, body weight and my t-grip barbell. I absolutely love this barbell. It is so versatile for a home gym standpoint! I plan on doing a longer more in depth review of it in the future so stay tuned!!



Upper Body Blast Workout

This is a fairly quick workout and you can adjust how long it takes based on how many times you go through it. For beginners I recommend 1-2 times and advanced 3-4 times through! But as always do what you are capable of and have time for. Remember that a short workout is better than no workout!

Upper body blast workout


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