Upper Body Negative Set Workout

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I am loving the weather we have been having here in Kansas lately. Last night John and I grilled out and sat on our patio. I also kept my macros in check so I could enjoy a glass of wine while I was at it for #winewednesday .

Tonight I was loving me some of sweet red from Barefoot Wine  


We decided to try out a new chicken marinade recipe for the grilled chicken! It was pretty darn tasty and I will be sharing soon!

Earlier this week I talked about using negative sets to break through your plateaus. Here is where you can find that article and learn all about negative sets! Negative Sets to Break Plateaus

As promised I have an Upper Body Negative Set Workout to go along with that article! This workout consists of three supersets. The first exercise in each set is a negative focus and the second is normal speed. 


Upper Body Negative Set Workout


Upper Body Negative Set Workout. Break through your plateaus and start to transform your body with this workout!


** remember to lower  for 8 seconds during the eccentric part/lowering phase of the lift for negatives**

Find more information in this article: Negative Sets to Break Plateaus



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