Ways to Stay Motivated During the Winter

I don’t know about you all but winter time is always a struggle for me to stay motivated for my workouts. I get up at 5 am with my husband and that is my time to workout but during the winter months it is hard for me to get up out of my warm bed and go downstairs where it isn’t so warm to workout. I have some ways to stay motivated during the winter months below!

Ways to Stay Motivated During the Winter

Ways to Stay Motivated During the Winter #winterworkouts #workouttips #workoutmotivation

1. Buy New Clothes

Need a little extra motivation. Buy some new clothes. Either buy some new workout gear to wear right now or get some and make it a goal to fit into them by a certain date. DON’T go crazy and buy 3 sizes smaller with the goal of fitting into those jeans in 2 months. Be realistic. 

2. Try something new

Go find a new class to attend for an 8 week session. My local gym offers pay per class classes or you can buy the full 8 weeks. This is a great way to add a little variety to your workouts and meet some like minded people. It also will keep you accountable. 

3. Take some before pictures

Take a picture of where you are right now. Let that be your motivation to work towards where you want to be. As you stay consistent with your workouts look back at your before picture and take progress pictures to. Don’t do it every week because the changes will be small but use it as a guide to show you how far you have come!

4. Sign up for a 5k

Want to stay motivated to keep on track with your couch to 5k running plan? (stay tuned for a free one coming from me!) Go ahead and sign up for one this spring. It will give you a tangible date that you have have to get ready for. 

5. Work out at home

Instead of braving the cold and driving to the gym. Follow one of my home workouts and do it at home. You won’t have to work yourself up to go outside in the cold. Plus you can get a few extra zz’s in!

6. Plan out your week

Finally, plan out your week of workouts each week so you know exactly what you are going to do each day. This way you can just get up and do it. 

Follow along with my training plan for a my half marathon each week. Don’t want to do a half marathon? sub my runs for walking or other cardio time. I include strength as well as cardio! 


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