Week 3 Body Beast and half marathon

Sorry for the lateness of this post. It was a busy busy weekend! However, I have Week 3 Body Beast and half marathon training schedule for you!

On a side note being a KU gal I’m pretty excited to know that KU won this morning in Korea at the World University Games representing the USA for the GOLD MEDAL!!! KU Fan or not everyone should be pretty darn excited!


How was everyone’s weekend!? Mine was great. I worked on Saturday at the hospital and then Sunday was a meal prep day. Sunday I also played a couple of slow pitch softball games. It was technically a rest day for me BUT the softball games were great for an active rest day! They kicked my butt a little bit!

So here is the schedule for this week!

Monday: Beast Cardio and Abs or 3 mile run
Tuesday: Build: Back and Bi’s
Wednesday: Build Shoulders and run 2 miles
Thursday: Build: Chest/Tri’s
Friday: Build: Legs
Saturday: Build back/bi’s and run 4 miles
Sunday: Rest day

Don’t forget to BEAST UP!!

abbysilerfitness.com, half marathon body beast hybrid

 I’m coaching a new challenge group on facebook starting in a couple of weeks! Fill out the form below for more information! There will be a prize at the end of the 3 weeks.

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