Week 5 P90x

Finally I’m getting my week 5 P90x schedule up for you! I am so sorry to everyone for being so absent the last 2 weeks! First we were on vacation and the business of that just kept me away from work. Then once getting home and getting back in the swing of things. Well here are the last 2 weeks of workout schedules for my P90x and half marathon training plan as well as this weeks schedule! Hope that you all have stayed on top of your training as well!

A nice little recap of my workout and activity level on Monday! The run felt pretty good except for getting attacked repeatedly by swarms of mosquitoes!


Okay so below I forgot to put the days up but the far left is Sunday.  This starts Sunday, June 7th. The weeks included here are weeks 3-5! Go get ’em!

weeks 345


Finally, a picture of the Mr. and I enjoying boat time!




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